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Natural Meditation


Clarify your thoughts

Contact your intuition


Develop your feelings

your creativity

your spontaneity


Harmonise your emotional body

Relax and de-stress your body

Natural Meditation

A way towards our own meditation

How to find its authentic nature ? What does being natural signify?

Natural Meditation comes from the research of Yann Thibaud, a french writer who created a new holistic practice : Inner Ecology. It’s also inspired by the Breath Work of Dan Brule, founder of the Breathmastery movement, and many practices of body consciousness.

Natural Meditation covers the fields of personal development, therapy, and meditation.

It integrates all fields of being: body, mind, intellect, intuition, emotions, spirit and psyche. The goal is to refine our perceptions, harmonise our inner world and gain more clarity in our intention to live a more fulfilled life.

If the world sometimes dithers between a frightening complexity and at the same time a beauty so thrilling, it is now more than ever necessary to re-center, re-source and re-energise ourselves in order to access our true being.

Thanks to the innovative approaches of Emotional Alchemy, intuitive wisdom, spontaneity exercise and deep desire quest, Natural Meditation leads us to sovereignty of our self. It is a constructive approach and is a process leading to autonomy.

Its more than a technique, it’s a practice that brings serenity and wisdom. It allows us to gain in creativity and spontaneity.

« Natural Meditation is neither a ritual nor a religious practice but an experience founded on letting go and spontaneity

Its consists of :

*Allowing your body the freedom to take the position its wants to take ( no constraint)

*Receiving and accepting the physical manifestation of the emotions, which then leads naturally to transformation; into joy, wisdom and vital energy

*Listening and honouring our thoughts, becoming grounded in calmness, which deepens and gives us access to the intuitive wisdom present in each of us

*Rediscover our goal or life design

*Live in different states of awakening and conscious expansion »

Host : Gabriel Lechemin

I’m skilled in agriculture and passionate about nature. I’ve been training, over the last ten years in deep ecology, psychology, ethnology and spirituality.

I am currently studying mediation practices at the Arts and Crafts Conservatory of Paris.

It was through my encounter with Yann Thibaud and Dan Brule that brought me to host workshops and seminars today.