How does it work ?

Natural Meditation is an holistic approach which includes different parts of the being.

Natural Meditation, integration axis

1. The first tool is breathing. Breathing opens the doors of consciousness and allows connection to the body. Breathing is responsible for the bodys well being. Its purpose is to re-energise and regain access to our source: Emotion.

2. Emotional transmutation* is the second pillar. In the west its common to repress or to discharge (project) emotional tension. Transmutation is both the acceptance of the emotion and a process which lets the body manifest the emotion naturally. This requires the ability to relax and to develop the senses.

3. Reality creation (the law of manifestation) and conversation with dreams establish the 3rd pillar. These terms are the roots of a new definition of the processes linked to imagination**

4. From those previous steps comes Emotional harmonisation which leads to more intellectual clarity and integrity. This clarity and integrity is global only if we connect to our intuition.***

5. The mind is vast and divisions happen.

Thus we encounter sub-identities**** as different « selves » living in us.

6. Other archetypes, schemes and representations more global also live in us as sub-personalities****. It is necessary to encounter these and to transform them consciously.

7.When we meet our intuitive wisdom, by talking with our different « selves » and different archetypes, a unity occurs, a reunification of inner principles takes place.

8. In order to take a leap of faith, to make any decision, we have to believe in ourselves, we need self-confidence. This is also a learning process.

1. As all of this is a liberation process, other states can arise over time, the process is the same.

*transmutation : see definition here

**imagination : « there is no perception without the objet of perception ». In another way : How do we know what is linked to fantasy, or linked to an unconscious emotion and or what is linked to an external feeling?

***intuition : is a process linked to intellect, which is not very developed in the west in general. It is still a decisive process in our ability to cope with decisions and make choices

****sub-identities/sub-personalities : see the work of Hal and Sidra Stone : Voice Dialogue & Psychology of The Selves

I have chosen to expand the usual definition of sub-personalities into two sub groups; sub-identities and sub personalities.

Identities are those structures of the mind which were developed in childhood and are heredity. They are closer to our real being.

Sub-personalities develop later and are linked to societal influences. They are more distant to our real being.